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Note from Dan Miller

To the entrepreneur, the employee, the unemployed, and the dreamer. 

You want to discover work you love. 

Whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur, finding or creating work you love can be a challenge. 

You know it's possible. I’m sure you’ve seen others around you discover work that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable. You may have heard the hundreds of success stories I share weekly on the 48 Days Podcast. 

But you often wonder is it possible for you? 

Why are you struggling so much? 

Maybe work is just supposed to be hard and unsatisfying. Maybe you grew up like I did, in a household where we heard work is a curse from God. That enjoying our work is never going to happen.

Don't give up. The 48 Days Eagles is a community that is here to help you. 

You’ll hear from others who know what it is like to be stuck in a job you don’t love. You’ll also hear from many who have found fulfillment and joy in traditional jobs. 

You’re also have access to people who have followed their dream of having their own business. You can learn from them and perhaps just start something on the side.  

Joanne and I started teaching these principles as a Sunday School class at my local church, then through a workbook and audio tapes, weekly on the radio and then through my popular weekly podcast and New York Times best-selling book, 48 Days to the Work You Love.

And along the way I’ve had the privilege of coaching others on the journey of finding work they love. I’ve heard thousands of success stories. That little Sunday school class grew from one room to a robust online community of mentors and guides encouraging each other to create and discover work they love.  

This community has grown and taken shape in multiple ways throughout the years. But due to folks like you continually asking, we have put together something really special. This amazing team of mentors have come together to create 48 Days Eagles. 

This is the place to help you find and create work you love.


Training Center

You'll receive instant access to Dan Miller's resource library of downloadable audio programs and PDF guides plus weekly webinars taught by Dan's trusted experts and friends. In the training center, you receive tools and templates and the step-by-step guidance to help you.

Online Community

On a regular basis, in 48 Days Eagles, you will be able to share what you were working on and hear from other like-minded members who may assist you in your project, give feedback and suggestions, and even partner with you in the development of your work.

Monday Mentor Trainings

Each Monday afternoon, one of our mentors will teach a live training on their topic of expertise. You'll be able to join live and ask your questions. The trainings are all recorded and added to the training center. And the best part, the mentors are available in our private Facebook group to answer your questions.


These folks help answer your questions and provide teaching in the 48 Days Eagles Community.

Aaron Walker 

Jevonnah Ellison

Andy Traub

Ashley Logsdon

Dan Miller

Kent Julian

Clark Gaither

Kim Avery

Chris McCluskey

Joanne Miller

Nick Pavlidis

Michael McGreevy

Deb Ingino

Chris Niemeyer

Ernie Lansford

Chet Skwarcan

Terry Hadaway

Brian Dixon


The beginning Career Seeker

Resources for excellence in:

  • Finding a Focus
  • Resumes
  • Job Search
  • Salary Negotiation 

The Career Advancement Candidate

Resources for excellence in: 

  • Initiating Performance Review 
  • When to ask for a raise 
  • How to do a job search while having a job 
  • How to be the top candidate in the interview 

The Hopeful Entrepreneur

Resources for excellence in:

  • Building a Business Plan
  • How to spend 10-15 hours a week and grow quickly
  • How to be a successful 10% Entrepreneur
  • When to make it full-time

The Growing Business Owner

Resources for excellence in:

  • Finding Money for growth
  • When to find that first employee
  • How to grow in non-traditional ways
  • How to position for the first $1 million year 

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“If you say you don’t have the resources to invest in yourself,

you have a scarcity problem.  

You don’t have an income problem, you have a thinking problem.

I don’t believe enough in myself to invest in me.” 

-John Maxwell

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